Sad Goodbyes...

26/12/16 DON MANUEL.

14/12/16 CASILDA.





(07/06/2014): PALOMA.
PALOMA, one of the first dogs we gave in adoption, died yesterday as the result of kidney failure. She had a hard life, but her last couple of years with a family were wonderful. Her human family is devastated, although they knew when they ...adopted her that she was not in good health. In the picture, PALOMA is the "pillow". The dog resting her head on her is her daughter, also adopted by the same family. Thank you, family, for making PALOMA's last years happy ones.


(11/10/2013): LAGUN.



LAGUN, an older Mastiff, that was rescued this September left us today.


At least in the last of his days he did not suffer hunger or thirst. Today he had a big breakfast, went to his favorite place and ley down there in the sun, just to never get up again. Sometimes it`s the only thing we can do for them: give them a warm place to rest in peace.

(02/05/2013): KIKO. 




KIKO was a sweet and innocent animal that spent so many days waiting for the HIS family to come. Days passed by and this family never showed up, today Kiko left us forever. We will never forget you, sweety!

(26/04/2013): MORENO.
Today is a sad day. When we arrived at the shelter, there was someone missing from the welcoming party, with their tails wagging. We have discovered MORENO dead in his bed, with his tongue and mouth blue.
The vet thinks he must have had a seizure and gone into cardiorespiratory arrest. We are sorry that we never found you the home that we promised you, MORENO.
(01/02/2013): PASTORA.
We are saddened today by the news that PASTORA, adopted just four weeks ago by Peter and Susana, is no longer with us. She had both stomach and throat cancer and they did not let her suffer for one single minute.
They are heartbroken and will be taking her ashes back to the UK with them to be buried with those of their other dogs. Having never met such generous adopters before, we can only thank them for those three weeks of happiness that they have Pastora, the best three weeks of her life, that's for sure.
RIP PASTORA. We will never forget you.

21/04/2012): GINO.



GINO did not survive the severe traumas of his abuse, today finally he found his peace. We tried for over 4 weeks to help him survive, but his little body could not stand the injuries.


Now, the only consolation is that he died covered in love and affection. This dog deserved better.



(11/10/2011): NENA.



I am sorry to tell you that our little NENA, who went to surgery yesterday, passed away a few hours later.


She was only 5 months old and had a lot of lust for life, but her little body could not stand it. We say farewell little NENA.



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