Adoption Process

All our dogs have been subject to abuse, with the luckiest only having been abandoned. We therefore make every effort to find families that will give them everything that they have never had, or even more. The best way to do this is to guarantee that they go to suitable adopters.


How to adopt:


First contact us.


We will send you an adoption application form to fill in. If everything is OK, we will arrange for a home check, when someone will visit you at home, talk to the rest of the family, see exactly where the dog will be living and make sure that you have chosen the right dog for you.

If the result is favourable, we will get the dog ready for you and send it to you, at which time you will have to pay an adoption fee (ranging from 50 euros for puppies to 150 euros for very large adult dogs).


Adoption requeriments:


This fee covers the cost of the dog’s passport, vaccinations and microchip, plus spaying/neutering. All our adult dogs are wormed, vaccinated, microchipped and spayed/neutered. If you adopt a puppy you will have to undertake in the contract to have it spayed/neutered when it is old enough. You will also have to pay for the transport costs.


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